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  • , England

    An unusual book. The first page nudnovato seems, once you understand what will be discussed. But no. Suddenly, the author throws you on a completely different level, like even in a different story. And

  • ... She's "Grace"

    I have the impression that Margaret Atwood is mainly perceived as a feminist writer. And in this book, including many all attention is paid to the disclosure of the theme plight of women in society. But

  • 100 great Records elements

    I think the author is not writing in that genre. This method of storytelling is much more suitable for the works of art, where a lot of surprises, exclamations of admiration, comparisons, metaphors. But

  • 1984

    Reviewed on how to win over a protracted did not bring me a proper satisfaction. It all began at the stage of perception of the genre. I fell zhertvoysobstvennogo ignorance and stereotypes in the school

  • 1984. Animal Farm

    Book "Animal Farm 1984" brings together two of the most famous works of George Orwell. Without annotations, I try to briefly write their emotions and thoughts ... "1984" - one of the most hard mrachnyhi

  • 451 В° Fahrenheit

    Impressed "Dandelion Wine" barely restrained so as not to buy the entire R. Bradbury in one go. For starters it is limited to two, not to take the "451" Fahrenheit "as one of the most famous works of Ray

  • 900 days. Diary of Leningrad blockade

    book war .... At the beginning of the book is not particularly liked, because a lot of political information, but after a while the book captures the horror of what is happening! The author describes in

  • A Dog's Heart

    I love the works of Bulgakov. They are unusual and unique. Very interesting is described directly the experiment conducted FF Transfiguration. And subsequent humanization of the dog Sharik. What brought

  • A Generation

    books in a red cover for me like a red rag. After a few pages, and I would like to defer to put an end immediately. Some regular angular potoksoznaniya style Murakami and others. Curiosity and inertia

  • A History Of Scotland

    If the myth according to a specific clan tartan concrete, invented by two enterprising Welsh in the 19th century, turned the truth, the clan of Scottish history would have received a personalized fabric

  • A little sun in cold water

    has long approached the F.Sagan. This is the first work that she chose to read. Spitting. "Hero of Our Time" is so notorious, the heroine is so ill-conceived that had the feeling that it was necessary

  • A man in a full-length

    To a large literature novel can not be attributed, strong "middle peasant". Situations that many times we "passed" in one form or another, but 800 pages to this - too much. There are interesting collisions,

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns

    A year ago, I was lying took the book in his hands in a hospital ward. I did not know that the author did not know about this book. I did not know how popular it is. Just took it and began to read. It

  • A woman without a name

    So Charles Martin "A woman without a name" was for me the novel with unexpected content. I'll tell you why: vo-pervyh, in summary, I read about the minimum kakuyu-to drama or thriller (judging by the fact

  • A world where the opposite is true

    events of the first novel in the series "Strange game," interrupted a very interesting episode in the bathroom. Of course, it is impossible to resist the temptation to find out further fate of the characters.

  • Abandoned

    History of how to kill 300 rubles 3 days time and my psyche. I was expecting a lot from this book, but not this. As soon as I saw the start of sales, immediately rushed to buy. Then book hung on the second

  • About Love

    Are you ready to do anything for love? And if you dig in? Are you ready to quit habitual way of life, wealth, family? Somehow, I was plagued by serious doubts on this score. Although, I think, to disappoint

  • Above God will not

    on this book, I learned yesterday morning. After a long day surf the internet and thought about it. She found and began to read. I did not sleep until three o'clock in the morning, read the three-quarters

  • Academy curse. Lesson three: Secrets are lethal

  • Academy of Evil. Test witch

    Why did I count on this book? I do not know. The author was a good idea for a book. I thought it would be interesting. The plot is a dashing, with unexpected events, where the main characters show themselves,

  • Across the Universe

    Actually, I was thinking about this book is completely different. I do not know why, but I thought it was another kosmoopera, only zabugornom performance. However, there is. Space - Yes, definitely, there

  • Adventure Major Zvyagin

    This book I first read ten years ago, and then she made ​​a good impression on me. Rather like the basic idea that a person can change everything. That was flattering to the young man with

  • Advisor Doll

    I usually do not do that, but it was the same case when I bought the book, read a lot of positive feedback. But in the end my own impression was far from a cake, not a pie. In short, we have the story

  • After

    Well, you are what you want, but I liked the first book. It is common, not worse than the others about the American students. Lots of action and tusy. A lot of sparks between the characters and not just.

  • After

    Forgive me, dear fans, but I absolutely did not like the book, and is hardly torn book chapters. Because of the hype around the series and the early arrival of the author in Russia, I decided to read this

  • Agents

    With great amazement discovered that belong to the collection of sci-fi in the case of Rush does not imply direct attribution of the story to the declared genre. Sketch KKR draws a maximum of weak detective,

  • Airport

    Buran, family squabbles, personal animosity, breakdown, joy, anger, indifference, anticipation - all mixed up in the territory of the airport. It is difficult to believe that everything that happens could

  • Airport

    to get what expected. I generally like the production novels, where the style a la report describes each detalyushechka so long been eyeing the Haley books. Well now I know a lot about how things were

  • Alkogoli

    The Apollinaire became for me - it's a surprise. Man, rotate in the center of modernist thought of Paris (and according to the values ​​of the time - the world), had a hand in almost all new

  • All places!

    The next book in the series about Hornblower and his sea adventures. Here they are still sea and varied, but the hero somehow have a little cake. He is 37, he is bald and is worried about the imminent

  • Almost like & quot; Buick & quot;

    And there was a Buick? A strange impression on me this book. And it is not horror, not a detective and investigation - something strange, with long trailing and to what ultimately did not came. The recalled

  • Amazing Adventures of Nils Holgersson with the wild geese on Sweden

    - Yeah, maybe it is not easy to learn from books! - I felt sorry for the old woman, then added: - Just listen a minute, what kind of story to tell me once my mother about this region. I somehow did not

  • American Vampire. Book 3

    In place of all that I love: juicy picture, dynamics, fighting, arguments about the eternal and the full set of vampiryug as the selection, from prim classics and ending with the creatures who came from

  • Amrita

    Once in 10-11 years, I chitalaKuhnyuetogo same author, I do not have absolutely no recollection of the plot, the characters, but there were images and feelings from reading. They are subtle, but at the

  • Amur tales

    Why am I still read children's books? Because through them I continue to feel "those" emotions of childhood - tenderness, warmth, tenderness. What a simple-tale can touch me almost to tears, what with

  • An American Tragedy

    American Tragedy This novel I have read for a long time. He sometimes captured, then released, then captured again. From the beginning, I was filled with this story, because it seemed so close to me. The

  • An American Tragedy

  • An Education

    Title questionable - in the original will be Friday's Child.I if you type it into a search engine, it immediately reminded about the lovely English song ...)) But apparently, the publisher did not wish

  • An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

  • And the pendulum has swung ...

    What or who pulled me to buy "and the pendulum has swung ..." back in 2007. None other than the notorious frell, which so often remembers the book the main character. Then I without any hesitation took

  • Angel Pavement

    Not real people - And what, you met there angels? - Where, on the street Angela? No, I have not seen. - Nothing like, eh? - No. However, I met someone who just did not turn into an angel, but that does

  • Angelina and bachelors

    in fact it is a very short book. This short book is indecent Otomi, a woman lost her husband, found herself in cooking, found new friends and work, I realized that life is still going on. Most of the pages

  • Anna Karenina

    "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you "Again, I give myself to never read reviews of the book,

  • Anna Karenina (set of 2 books)

    seems a little haze scandal surrounding the affair at the time of first publication, it has reached our days. Anyway, I'm completely unaware of what the story all his life knew something indecent happened

  • Antique lyrics

    I previously treated with skepticism to the ancient poetry, unfair considering it boring, old, boring - the conventional stereotype of dusty ancient Greek treatises. And I'm afraid that I can not read

  • Anya in Wonderland

    Translated NabokovaAlisa became Anya. With her ​​changed even some facts that speak book heroes. Changed to become more familiar and intelligible to the Russian-speaking reader. In general,

  • Appointed hour

    Bradbury masterfully described ... no, not the invasion, and the relationship of generations, fathers and children ... He did not fixate on the explanation of odds and ends (as it is invaded by aliens

  • Appointment in Samarra

    this book. Such strange experience. As if not read, and I saw the story in the people. The logical ending, but that it could be completely different, do not ... do not tell me ... do not ... Every step

  • Arch of

  • Art hear the sound of the heart

    ... there is only one power which transcends fear. Love. Awesome book! Yes, this story will be one of samyhudivitelny stories about human life that I have read. Of course, this is not Hosseini, where fates

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